The Tucson Shootings And Assassin Name Codes

My research (10 Feb 2011) on the 2011 Tucson Shootings (8 Jan 2011), and the names of famous assassins, from the Edge Media TV Forum (closed 3/3/2011).

Tucson 1/8/2011: Obama’s False Flag Relaunch?

Staged terror attacks are often used to increase support for corrupt political leaders and agendas.

The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing relaunched a struggling Bill Clinton. The 7/7/2005 bombings in London kept Tony Blair in power, by increasing support for him and his wars*. Were last month’s shootings in Tucson “Obama’s false flag relaunch”?
* (14m:40s in) (27m)

How did Obama benefit from 1/8/2011, was Loughner more than “just another lone nut gunman”, and are there other clues about who was responsible for the shootings?

Obama certainly received a large poll boost after the shootings, and his gun control agenda was served, initially at least.

How about the high profile victims of the attack? Judge Roll and Gabrielle Giffords were both causing problems for Obama. Judge Roll was a key supporter of constitutional rights, whilst Giffords was a key proponent of NASA, and a Blue Dog Democrat. Judge Roll (thanks AH) Judge Roll (thanks ZP) Coast To Coast AM Giffords Hoagland NASA

The state of Arizona has also challenged Obama, by questioning his citizenship, and that of his voters.Giffords defended Arizona against Obama’s threats of legal action on the later.’s+OKC+moment

An important message/warning was sent to current and potential political “rebels” on 1/8/2011: persistent “trouble-makers” are inviting the same punishment as Giffords, Roll, and Arizona.

Turning to Loughner, was he a mind controlled CIA assassin – an ungraded version of Sirhan Sirhan? He certainly told many people that he was under mind control. McVeigh: The Manchurian Candidate Dr. Louis Joyon West

Also, the “authorities” were suspiciously lenient towards Loughner, despite the multiple death threats that he made:- “Loughner is a product of Dupnik’s office”

Any psychiatric “treatment” that Loughner did receive after making these threats, would have afforded the perfect opportunity for mind control programming.

Beyond Obama and Loughner, are there any further clues? As the rituals at Bohemian Grove demonstrate,  many globalists are genuine satanists. They often use numbers, logos/symbols, and language, with hidden/occult meanings.—the_occult.html

What was the occult numerology surrounding 1/8/2011? As usual, there were numerous veiled references to previous false flag attacks:- C2C AM, 1/15/11 Hr 2, Tucson numerology clip
7/7/2005 (777) London Bombings + 2011 days = 1/8/2011

Finally, there is the Glenn Beck connection. Beck stated exactly two months before 1/8/2011, that the Obama regime was planning a false flag relaunch, with the attack to be blamed on him:-

Loughner has a strong facial resemblance to Beck:- Loughner Beck Google Images.

Even Jared Lee Loughner’s name may be significant:-

Jared is wicked character in the Mormon Bible, who rebelled against his father the king. Jared means “bringer down”. Beck is an extremely famous Mormon.

Jared = bringer down, Lee = shelter/cover, Loughner = of  beck.
Jared Lee Loughner = bringer down, covertly, of Beck.

In conclusion, Clinton advisors said last year that Obama needed an “OKC style relaunch”. On 1/8/2011, precisely two years after he was “confirmed as president-elect”, that is exactly what Obama received.

Related information:- Politico: Obama’s OKC Moment 1/10/11 4:46 AM EST. Media Matters: Beck Triggers Assassination Attempts

Assassin name codes:-

Jared Lee Loughner – Jared means bringer down, Lee = shelter/cover, Loughner = of beck. Jared Lee Loughner = the bringer down, covertly, of (Glenn) Beck (see above also).

Sirhan Sirhan = wolf wolf – as in lone wolf gunman, and lone wolf assassin.
Plus there was a Sirhan double (with acne) = Sirhan Sirhan/wolf wolf.
Wolf would have been an appropriate trigger word also.

Lee Harvey Oswald = hidden (assassins), eager for battle, (Operation) Southwoods.
JFK’s rejection of “Operation Northwoods” was one of the reasons for his removal.

Mark David Chapman = dedicated to war/killing, beloved (Lennon), fractured
(mind controlled/split personality) man.


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