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Jackie Shot JFK QED (revised)

See the latest improved version of this article here:- Revised 9/2013 – new videos and minor changes to the text. Was Jackie Kennedy a CIA agent who assassinated her husband – a crime “hidden in plain sight”? Enhanced images … Continue reading

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9/11 Logic – Drones, Missiles, And Nukes

Can 9/11 be explained logically, without recourse to unknown “Directed Energy Weapons” (DEWs), mountains of thermite, “widespread video fakery”, and “holographic planes”? Also, was 9/11 largely carried out by and for Israel, or was a larger group with a broader agenda involved? The … Continue reading

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Why Was Jackie On The Trunk?

Whilst some cling to the belief that John and Jackie Kennedy were happily married, John’s womanizing was tireless.  Perhaps this was encouraged by the medication he took for Addison’s Disease. Jackie was far from perfect herself, having spent much of … Continue reading

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Fetzer Interview 2

Fetzer/Kimber first interview (5th June 2012, advert free):- (5th%20June%202012%20interview%20ad%20free).mp3 Kimber on Coast To Coast AM (8th June 2012, 2m:18s):- My latest articles are here:- View all posts by John Kimber → A full list of my articles:- Evidence of … Continue reading

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The Masonic N.W.O. Plan To Kill Billions, Including YOU

Updated January 2017 – 9/11/01, 7/7/05, 11/22/63, and the 3/11 attacks, all decoded as Masonic staged events. Senior politicians, and others, often speak of a “New World Order”  (N.W.O.). This article summarizes the origins and implementation of the New World … Continue reading

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