How To Stop Obama – Conspiracy To Commit Genocide Charges

Everyone who follows the alternative media, will have noticed the massive
purchases of weaponry by the “Department of Homeland Security” (D.H.S.),
over the last year.

These purchases include, two billion hollow point bullets, 30,000 domestic
drones, plus thousands of fully automatic rifles, and armored personnel carriers:-

FEMA has been quietly building (remote) concentration camps for decades,
and stockpiling huge numbers of plastic coffins in recent years:-

Staged “gun control massacres” have also increased recently, with Aurora and
Sandy Hook as the most blatant examples:-

President Obama is making concerted attempts to register and restrict gun
ownership, using these highly convenient mass shootings.

These clear preparations for mass murder and tyranny, have been seen before,
in Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, and elsewhere.

The Bolsheviks restricted legal gun ownership to Communist Party members
in 1918. Gun ownership in Germany was restricted to Nazi Party members,
and other groups that the Nazis trusted, in 1938. Prior German gun registration
and licensing laws (1928), greatly assisted Nazi gun grabs, which began in 1933. Russia Germany

Genocide was thus enabled in both nations. It has been estimated that the
Bolsheviks murdered over 60 million people, and the Nazis over 20 million:- USSR genocide genocide China Genocide Century Genocide

In response to this staggering death toll, the 1948 U.N. “Convention On The
Prevention and Punishment Of The Crime Of Genocide” was created. The key
objective of this convention, was to prevent genocide, rather than punish the
guilty afterwards.

Merely announcing plans to produce conspiracy to commit genocide charges,
against Obama, Napolitano (DHS), and Fugate (FEMA),  would generate huge
publicity, and warn middle America.

The planned coup may be cancelled, if it is exposed in detail, via such charges.
Full exposure ended a similar coup plot in 1933:-

Conspiracy to commit genocide charges, could also be used to publicize other
genocidal conspiracies, such as harmful vaccines, which deliberately cause many
diseases, including cancer (via the SV40 virus) and infertility:-

The race specific AIDS bio-weapon, which targets (sub-Saharan) Africans,
as part of Memorandum 200 population control, is another genocidal project:-

Poisons added to water (e.g. fluoride), food (e.g. G.M. crops),  and even the air
(chem-trails/aluminium/barium), could also generate conspiracy to commit
genocide charges:-

Returning to Obama’s preparations for civil war, impeachment has never removed a president, legal challenges over Obama’s citizenship have failed, but the supporting evidence for conspiracy to commit genocide charges, is mountainous.    citizenship challenges  ditto

“Lawyers For 9/11 Truth” seems like a suitable group to produce such charges,
and Professor of International Law, Francis Boyle, also springs to mind. I have
attempted to contact both, plus various “anti-genocide” groups. groups

Said attempts at contact, have been unsuccessful to date. Some of my emails
were blocked – an official stamp of credibility/concern?

In conclusion, publicizing and combating massive genocidal conspiracies, such
as the current preparations for mass murder in America, may be as simple as
charging the prime suspects with conspiracy to commit genocide.



About John Kimber

An economics and psychology graduate. Like countless millions, I am also recovering from vaccines - dyslexia, dysgraphia, asthma, etc:
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One Response to How To Stop Obama – Conspiracy To Commit Genocide Charges

  1. t0mcahill says:

    As John so humbly saved the world by one other and his’ announcements on Coast to Coast, mentioning that the numerology pointed to a world changing false flag to happen on the 22nd June 2012, which it seems was averted—maybe as a result; once again the call goes out to publicise the event to make this latest one’s implementation an impossibility. All it takes is for you to pass it on and it can’t happen. It’s that simple.

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