The DHS Genocide Plot And How To Stop It

Everyone who follows the alternative media, will have noticed the massive
purchases of weaponry by the “Department of Homeland Security” (D.H.S.),
over the last year. This is grounds for grave concern, since the D.H.S. has
been illegally spying on most Americans for years, and was partly designed
by notorious Stasi and K.G.B. agents.

These DHS military purchases include, two billion hollow point bullets,
30,000 domestic drones, plus thousands of fully automatic rifles and armored
carriers. Additionally, FEMA has been quietly building (remote)
concentration camps for decades, and preparing for “mass fatalities”.

Staged “gun control massacres” have also increased recently, with Aurora
and Sandy Hook as the most blatant examples. President Obama is making
attempts to register and restrict gun ownership, using these highly
mass shootings.

All of the above, constitute clear preparations for mass murder and tyranny.
Much of it has been seen before, in twentieth century Russia, Germany, China,
Cambodia, and elsewhere: gun control, for example, is a crucial common theme.

In Russia, the Bolsheviks restricted legal gun ownership to Communist Party
members in 1918. Gun ownership in Germany was restricted to Nazi Party
members, and other groups that the Nazis trusted, in 1938. Prior German gun
and licensing laws (1928), similar to those currently proposed for
greatly assisted Nazi gun grabs, which began in 1933.

Once target groups in Germany, Russia, and China, had been largely disarmed,
the planned genocide commenced. It has been estimated that the Bolsheviks
murdered over 60 million people, and the Nazis over 20 million.

In response to this staggering death toll, the 1948 United Nations “Convention
On The Prevention and Punishment Of The Crime Of Genocide”
 was created.
This agreement’s key objective was to prevent genocide, via “conspiracy to
commit genocide” charges, rather than punish the guilty afterwards.

The current preparations for mass murder in America, invite conspiracy to
commit genocide charges against Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano (DHS head),
and Craig Fugate (FEMA head). The publicity surrounding such charges, would
help to warn middle America, about the threat from their government.

Also, the planned coup may be cancelled, if conspiracy to commit genocide
charges expose it in detail. Full exposure by General Smedley Butler, ended
a similar fascist conspiracy – the 1933 “Business_Plot”.

What of alternative approaches to removing Obama from office, and thwarting
the civil war agenda? Impeachment has never removed a president, and legal
challenges over his citizenship have failed. Conspiracy to commit genocide
charges, therefore, offer a much needed new legal avenue.

“Lawyers For 9/11 Truth” seems like a suitable group to produce such charges,
and Professor of International Law, Francis Boyle, also springs to mind. I have
attempted to contact both, plus various “anti-genocide” groups. Said attempts
at contact, have been unsuccessful to date. Some of my emails were blocked –
an official stamp of credibility/concern?

In conclusion, publicizing and combating genocidal conspiracies, such as
the current preparations for mass murder in America, may be as simple
as charging the prime suspects with conspiracy to commit genocide.


About John Kimber

An economics and psychology graduate. Like countless millions, I am also recovering from vaccines - dyslexia, dysgraphia, asthma, etc:
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16 Responses to The DHS Genocide Plot And How To Stop It

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  2. Check out, please.

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  4. It takes intelligence to deal with a problem like this, and America just doesn’t have it. You can bail folks out of this, and they will restore to the same level of debauchery within 100 years. People like to fuck, eat and entertain. That’s about it. Party culture 24/7. Land of milk and honey. The culture of the blissful idiot. You want to save that? Go ahead and try.

    ALIGN RIGHT, America! Nothing. THEY DON’T HEAR YOU, because they don’t want to.

    Align Right. Zero tolerance for debauchery. Sex, food, entertainment… ALL of it. People are aligned left and waiting for Jesus to save them from themselves.


  5. Edward says:

    The problem is that the “Targets” are going to be the “intelligent & informed” citizenry, leaving the Kardashian-watching-mouth-breathing IDIOTS that survive to inherit the earth.

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  8. LoganCanadian says:

    The UN agreement of 1948 sure worked in Bosnia, or how about Rwanda, Is it working now in the Republic of Congo?

    • John Kimber says:

      Just charging Obama, Napolitano, and Fugute, with conspiracy to commit genocide, would generate massive publicity, and wake up middle America within days.

      Using the convention after genocide has begun is obviously of limited use, but we know what is planned this time – mass murder/genocide in the U.S.A..

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