The 6/22/13 U.S. Coup Plot Revealed

Conquering a nation with 100 million gun owners is a difficult task, so do the ruling psychopaths have a plan which matches their obvious preparations for a violent coup?

OKC, 9/11, and 7/7, were all foretold in detail within so-called “fiction”. Therefore, it is worth examining the current predictive programming in movies and TV shows etc.


The Simpsons Series 9 Episode 1 (S09E01) 9/21/1997

Various TV shows, especially the expensive new sci-fi show “Defiance”, have contained clues about 6/22/13 nuclear false flag attacks. However, it will take more than a few dirty bombs or even nuclear bombs to defeat America, so what else is planned?

Hollywood has shown America being devastated in many ways, including by nuclear bombs, (bioweapon) viruses, EMP attacks, and even civil war. So which is it? The cult TV show Jericho (2006-8), suggests a combination of all four of these scenarios.

In Jericho, 20 kiloton nuclear bombs are detonated in 23 U.S. cities, in federal false flag attacks. Less than a week later, EMP attacks destroy the power grid, electronics, and communications.

jericho nuke

The current TV show “Revolution” is specifically about a nationwide EMP-like attack, followed by civil war. The power outage occurs at 6:23 pm – a typical clue pointing to 6/23 – the day after the 6/22/13 nuclear false flags:-


Revolution also contains occult numerology pointing to the 6/21 and 6/22 dates of the initial nuclear operation. These dates are explicit in the British version of Jericho, Operation Blackjack.

From Revolution S01E05, at 34 minutes in, the full dates of the next planned major false flag, sandwiched between 9/11, on a train with a bomb on-board:-

4+7 = 11      M = 13 R = 18  V = 22  216     1+6+5+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 =            11          13+18 = 31        22 216              9,  reversed =              9                              6/21-22/13              11, also                         9/11/01 to 6/22/13 = 11y 9m 11d                         

4+7 = 11      M = 13 R = 18  V = 22  216     1+6+5+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 =
11                13+18 = 31     22 216              9,  reversed    =
9                     6/21-22/13                      11,  also
9/11/01 to 6/22/13 = 11y 9m 11d.

A B C D E F G H I  J   K  L   M  N  O  P   Q  R   S   T  U  V   W   X   Y   Z
1  2 3 4  5  6 7  8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23  24 25 26

Immediately before the above scene, at 33 minutes into Revolution S01E05, is a clue suggesting that the general plot was called off last year. Letters and numbers which
add up to 12, with a black line through them (meaning cancelled):-


GTRA3152 = 7+20+18+1+3+1+5+2 = 57 = 5+7 = 12

The message/occult numerology is repeated for emphasis, and to make sure that
it is not missed by plot insiders:-


GTRA3152 = 7+20+18+1+3+1+5+2 = 57 = 5+7 = 12

Phone calls to Coast To Coast AM warned millions about possible false flag attacks on 6/22/12, and this may have caused a postponement until this year:-!download|765p1|2995438359|Kimber%20on%20Coast%20-%208.6.2012%20-%20Planned%20Serendipity.mp3

The creator of Revolution also created the long-running/popular series “Supernatural”,
which contains clear references to the series Jericho – the clues and connections are endless.

For example, S07E06 of Supernatural, which is called (Truth) “Slash Fiction”, is about false flag terrorism. The episode opens in the town of Jericho, and features an FBI mole/cabal agent called Valente. “Jericho” itself has a DHS mole/cabal agent called Thomas Valente, and the whole series is dedicated to false flag terrorism.

A character called Thomas Valente also appears in “Operation Blackjack”. Additionally, Blackjack (2009) features a false flag bomb plot in Bostonwhich is rapidly exposed as such. This has come true in recent weeks, and most people are now aware of government false flags – in preparation for the final civil war phase, discussed below.

Returning to the plot of Jericho, after the EMP attack, comes a deadly virus, which spreads across the nation. In reality, a bioweapon virus could be targeted at likely coup resistors, via America’s secret dual waterline system.

Finally, civil war begins, when surviving regional governments/coalitions, discover that the federal government planted the nuclear bombs, in false flag attacks.


There is even a “nice” subplot, where an income tax jubilee, ensures the survival of the
deeply unpopular IRS, and its partner in crime the Federal Reserve Bank. The former pays unconstitutional income tax to the latter, and both are private corporations.

So, how would the above work in practice? Firstly, false flag nuclear attacks would justify the immediate imposition of martial law. These attacks are blamed on Iran and North Korea in Jericho; and Syria, Iran, and China in the Operation Blackjack version. The patsy states are attacked by America, in both.

Secondly, soon after, the EMP attacks would block communication amongst the public, suppress evidence of federal involvement, and hamper organized resistance. Military equipment/electronics is often shielded against EMP weapons.

Thirdly, likely resistors could be sent a deadly bioweapon virus via the dual waterline system. This would also massively reduce opposition to the coup. 2013 is 666 years after the arrival of the Black Death in Europe, as an early bioweapon.

Finally, corrupt federal military officers could kill dissenters within the ranks, and then attack surviving external resistors, with help from the 30,000 domestic drones that Obama has purchased for them – a civil war.

As stated above, OKC, 9/11, and 7/7, were all described in advance within so-called
“fiction”. How can we minimise the risk of the predictive programming for 6/22/13
attacks following this pattern?

Firstly, publicizing the possibility of false flag attacks on 6/22/13, will make such attacks much less likely:-  call in numbers, etc. national radio call in numbers

Secondly, a counter-plan to block the obvious preparations for mass murder in America,
via conspiracy to commit genocide charges against Obama, Napolitano (DHS), and Fugate
(FEMA), is discussed here.


About John Kimber

An economics and psychology graduate. Like countless millions, I am also recovering from vaccines - dyslexia, dysgraphia, asthma, etc:
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35 Responses to The 6/22/13 U.S. Coup Plot Revealed

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  2. [DDT] says:

    Which link isn’t working ?

  3. TPR says:

    Great job on the predictive-programming & numerical observations. (I was doing the same thing for a dozen years but admittedly got burn-out in later years).

    Re: Fed Reserve: The 100-Year mark of their Charter is 12/23/13, 6-mos & 1-day after your 6/22/13 date, but the Charter does not “expire.” Per this thread from a few years ago (see Comments), the Fed originally only had a 20-year Charter but that was amended to “perpetual” on 2/25/1927:

    The only way to get rid of the Fed is via Act of Congress; so the 12/23/13 date could be called their 100th Anniversary, but not their Expiration.


    The first question I finally began asking myself re all the suspected dates over the years is this: Are they FINISHED USING the USA for their globalist goals YET? The USA is the NWO’s military machine (& $$-supply), so they may not “do her in” UNTIL they are thoroughly finished USING the USA. Have they finished conquering, invading, overthrowing all “Non-Integrating-Gap” countries yet? (countries that are still resisting the NWO). Are the infrastructures of all those countries now set up to connect technologically with the NWO goals? Are their 10 global economic regions set up yet? (Club of Rome plan). Last I checked, they had about 7 out of 10.


    With all that said, I definitely do believe in THE (Judeo-Masonic-Jewish-Protocols-Learned-Elders-Illuminati-Rothschild-Merovingian, Synagogue-of-Satan, et al) Conspiracy for World Domination, & that we should keep our eyes open to clues.

    However, I also think THEY “taught us” to do so & maybe have a laugh at having distracted & indoctrinated us into using their own tools (numerology, symbols, etc.).

    They might also purposely insert clues for the same reason, never intending to do anything on said clue dates (they have let so many “choice dates” pass by w/no action, 6/6/06, 9/9/09, 11/11/11, the London Olympics, etc.). Then they pull off strange little whacko fake events such as Newtown & Boston, on dates nobody was really expecting. So do I really think alternative sites can “stop” them, or have “stopped them” in the past by exposing possible clue dates? Well, it never hurts to “shine light on darkness,” I’m all for it & appreciate the work, like yours & others who do (since I’m too tired to do it anymore. 🙂 But I doubt “we the people” online have stopped them since the majority of the world is still totally duped by mainstream media.

    Again, with all that said, you did a big bingo there with 6/22/13 being 11-years 9-months 11-days since 9/11/01! Good catch! — My favorite site, used incessantly over the years for such purposes, agrees with your dates:

    They may pull off SOMETHING that date but whether they are ready to lockdown the USA via Civil War II, The Inquisition II, Red & Blue Targeted Individuals for UN human-shackled trains, Lubavitcher Guillotines, Golden Horde Invasion Riots, etc. (I’m kidding w/you here :), remains to be seen.

    To be Con’t…

  4. TPR says:

    Part-2, Con’t., a few misc. thoughts:

    You mentioned #12 a few times.  You probably know that 12 is known as the # for Israel (12 sons of Jacob, 12 tribes, 12 apostles, 12 foundation cornerstones, etc.)

    You probably also know that 13 is a big Masonic # (besides 11).  #13 means “rebellion.”  WW3 is supposedly planned to be short & fierce, exactly 91-Days which is exactly 13-Weeks (per former insider Doc Marquis, as often-mentioned in articles at, a ministry exposing the NWO, active since 1988 though not online until later 1990’s).

    So I took your 6/22/13 as possible start date of WW3 + 13*-Weeks (91 Days) = 9/21/13, if that “end date” rings any kind of bell (??):

    Btw, your 11-yrs 9-mos 11-days also equals 13* (1+1+9+1+1).

    Another “clue date” I’ve been watching since Jan. 2012, was the “Obama Assassination Threat” published 1/13*/12 by Jewish publisher Andrew Adler in his Atlanta Jewish Times (he was publicly condemned by his fellow tribe members for doing so, apologized in tears, resigned & sold the paper).

    So out of curiosity I calculated your date 6/22/13 back to 1/13/12 & it is 526 days, not a groundbreaking # in itself – except that it also adds up to 13* (5+2+6).  

    Then there was the SuperBowl & Obama Inauguration 2013 both indicating the big O &/or USA will go up in flames.  Maybe they will off Obama on 6/22/13(?).

    There was also that Obama “death pall funeral photo” on Time Mag issue 12/31/12 – 1/7/13:

  5. TPR says:

    You’re welcome. Great add’l link there re the Fed. They just about covered it coming & going.

    And yes, I noticed the 6:23 time on the phone also equals #11 (6+2+3). They love that #11, which is the biblical # for Antichrist (per a prophecy in Daniel that speaks of 10 horns total on the heads of the beasts — beasts representing world empires throughout history — & then out of those 10 horns springs another “little horn.” The horns basically refer to the heads/rulers/kings of the beastly empires. So after the 10-horns appear, the final “11th horn” will spring up from those 10. The Bible doesn’t use the word eleven there, but scholars over the centuries refer to it as the “11th horn” for Antichrist.)


    Interesting 1st Train pic & its #’s which basically puts the mysterious “MR. V” (Valente? Whoever he may represent in the real world?) right in between the #’s:

    11 MR-V 9 18

    (47)=11 MR-V (216)=9 (1656)=18

    119 of course is just a mirror image of 911.

    And 18 is also another # for Antichrist &/or his “kingdom” as 18 is their way of hiding 666, which biblically (in Rev.) is the “number of the beast,” “a man’s number,” & “the number of his name.” So on that train we have “MR. V” associated with 911 & 666/Antichrist.


    GT RA 3152

    The 2nd train I’m at a loss re the letters, but the 3152 obviously adds up to 11. If it was a date, 5/2/13 or 2/5/13, those dates have passed. Of course 5/1 is “Communism (Weisthaupt/Illuminati) Day” & also a Satanic high holy day.

    In a different article there was GES 226 photo. So I wonder what the G in both might stand for (besides the Big G on Freemasonry’s symbol, lol). I wondered if G is military or police code for something? GO or GET, etc.(?) (as they may “take down” the USA in REGIONS one-at-a-time vs Entire Country all at once, whenever that time comes. I actually think that’s how they’ll do it, by region, & then use “fake news” to spew whatever explanation to the rest of the country. Also IRS & FEMA already have the country divided into regions or districts, etc.).

    GES = Go/Get Eastern States(?)
    GT RA = Go/Get Texas RioGrande Area(?)
    I have no idea, just thinking out loud.

    GT RA = Great Tribulation Rapture Alert (biblical humor there. 🙂


    Pretty interesting re the 2-mos. 26 (226/622) days to 9/17/13 (& 9/17 is the evil #6 days from 9/11). I think Sept. may be a hot month for them in the “big picture of things,” whether this year or later years. I’ll post some speculation about that later or tomorrow night, it’s not a short explanation.

  6. TPR says:

    Very good! It’s almost funny re Black Jack, Black Jacob, as Satan, never thought of that. Clever!

    And 21, in addition to blackjack game = 7 as triumvirate, 777.

    And 10, yes, always heard it meant Fullness or Full Fulfillment, Completeness, etc., but had forgotten about that.

    And you’re right, I did not/cannot see the 9/17 on the phone, just the time.

    Thanks for the extra details.

  7. anon says:

    Hi! What about the LA nuke warning?

    Date 4/19 (date facebook page posted), add 284 days from april 19 and get 21 june 2014.

    Note from 4/19 to Jun 21 is 32 days, but 33 if include end date.

    Convert casualty number to a date (using excel function) you get the date Reagen visited China.

    China is mentioned in card and project blackjack.

    L is 12th letter in alphabet. LA stands for 121, which includes 21, and is also 11^2

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  9. anon says:

    What about pittsburgh pirates versus LA angels on june 22 angel stadium?

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a nuke attack on Feb 6 2011 (a reference to 6 11) but it got exposed?

    Maybe they will reuse it. In simpsons there is a 6 11 reference. The clock features 2 divisors extended to twice their length. 22 = 2*11? Also a pittburg team played in dark knight match. There is also a reference to blue angels in simpsons episode.

    • anon says:

      or the dodgers stadium. Check out this interesting link on dodger stadium attack (though he concludes different date):

      The boston marathon bombing had baseball caps with death marks on them. Also bombing occured at 666 Boylston St. and 699 Boylston St, Boston, MA, 02116.

      2116 = 2*11 , june ?

      • anon says:

        That stadium featured in fantastic four movie where all the lights go out. (refer to EMP blast?)

    • John Kimber says:

      The Simpsons is a key source, I have just found 6/22 and 6/22/13 references in S24E21 and S24E22. New 6/22/13 references in Revolution also (S01E12). 02116 = 2, 2 (1+1), 6 = 22/6? Or 2 x 11 = 22/6? Or 21-22/6? I can’t remember much about the Fantastic Four movie.

      • anon says:

        Sorry, it was the fantastic four sequel. Yeah, just the iights went out as the surfer flew past. Doesn’t sound bad but no power can lead to nuke plant failure. See

        and also Jim Stone’s articles on a gun attack on a power plant, also another article how they have deliberately changed the grid system so that other states power grids can’t flow to the affected state.

        The fantastic four2 movie featured snow in egypt. The was snow on Jan 10, 2013. Not sure if its significant.

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  11. [DDT] says:

    The recent flick “It’s a Disaster” features “dirty bomb attacks”, as well as “all seeing eye”/”pyramid”-symbolism. Plus it labels christians as “insane”, but at the same time, it IMO intentionally shows false information.
    And more damn numbers:
    Take care

  12. TPR says:

    Hi again, 
    Began thinking again re your 6/22 date ever since Snowden came out as the leaker re the NSA Spying Scandal:
    –Original unnamed NSA leak 6/6/13.
    –Snowden claims to be the Leaker on 6/9/13.
    6/9 to 6/22 = 13 days in between, possibly meant to be 13 days of Purposeful MEDIA DISTRACTION while something ELSE is cooking(!?)  

    Reuters & The Guardian & probably other MSM have whole pages of articles about Snowden alone.  Huge repetitive coverage.

    Initially I only had a few suspicions & mostly wanted to believe Snowden as real (he’s just a kid!) & not a “staged media event.”  But his name was hard to ignore (Snowden = Snowed-In = Trapped; & I see Anon above mentioned a Snow clue in some TV show), & then saw others posing more excellent questions (in the Comments, too) re Snowden, such as…

    6/10/13:  “NSA leaker: are there serious cracks in Ed Snowden’s story?” – Jon Rappoport’s Blog:

    6/13/13:  “You’re Watching The Wrong Hand” – Bernard Glover:

    Another person proposed that it was an MSM “staged leak” to let all the sleepers know it exists (the rest of us already knew NSA has been spying for years), so then a False Flag will occur to “prove” how much the Spying-Just-Revealed Is Needed & Wasn’t It a Great Thing We Had It, & NSA gets “public approval” at that point to move full speed ahead w/o hindrance.  That person used your 6/22 & 11-9-11 #’s in their scenario at godlikeproductions forum.

    (IF “Snow” will be involved, it would either have to be somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere that is in their Winter (while we in Northern Hemisphere are in our Summer); OR some freakish Snow in Northern Hemisphere due to their phony “climate hoax agenda.”)


    Another person above mentioned Jim Stone’s power grid article.  It was inspired from a Yahoo News article back on 6/24/11, saying TPTB were going to “experiment” with the power grid frequencies & it would last a year (which, if even true, means it would have ended in 2012).  But Jim pointed out all the technical reasons why the story was ridiculous in that you cannot have differing frequencies on the same grid, so they must be making it so the grids cannot flow electricity one to another, making separate grids/zones have different frequencies (simplified explanation as I’m no engineer techie).  It was a fascinating “theory” of why they would be messing with the grid(s) at all (Jim said it was an “Act of War” to mess with power grid/infrastructure).  Maybe it took them 2 years through 2013 to complete their “experiment”(?)  — I saved a copy here (original source included):   


    That added to my (previously mentioned) thoughts that when they take down the USA they will do it in sections:  FEMA Zones, Power Grid Regions, & NDAA allows for regional “Combat Zones,” etc.


  13. TPR says:

    Typo in the 2nd link above, the h in http is missing, sorry!


  14. TPR says:

    PS: I’m no chemist either but I just had an after-thought: Uranium is “silvery-white & lustrous” >> LIKE **SNOW**!

    “Depleted Uranium Dust” from munitions used in the Middle East for Gulf Wars 1&2 is supposedly causing huge cancer increases & also Gulf War Syndrome, etc.

    URANIUM = SILVERY-WHITE, LUSTROUS = SNOW = SNOWDEN = SNOWED-IN = whether in LA or Egypt or Wherever = NUKE!

    The 1996 movie “ESCAPE FROM LA” said 2013 was the year to escape.
    “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil…”
    –Henry Kissinger at Bilderberg, Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

  15. TPR says:

    You’re welcome!

    Anon mentioned a movie (not TV) re SNOW/Egypt. I did not see the movie but wondered if any USA cities were named Egypt? A quick search said MA, MS, & OH have cities named Egypt. And per wiki: “Southern Illinois (also known as “Little Egypt” or “Egypt”)…”

    Those states are far away from LA though; but goog showed an Egyptian Consulate in San Fran, fwiw. Not exactly a “hot connection.” 🙂


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