6-22-17 Nuclear Attacks Against America And Europe

operation blackjack-pt3-sl2

Freemasons are determined to stage huge attacks on June 22nd
Masons worship the Sun, & on 6/22 it reaches its highest point
9/11/01 and 7/7 were foretold in “fiction”, as are 6/22 attacks
“Operation Blackjack” describes such 6/22 nuclear attacks
Syria, Iran, & China, are the foreign patsies in Blackjack
These are the countries that Trump wants to attack
Mason Alex Jones demonizes the Left & Muslims
Antifa types + U.S. Muslims = domestic patsies
June 22 attacks are overdue since 6/22/12
Prior publicity postpones sneak attacks

operation blackjack-pt3-sl41

The All-Seeing Eye on the ultra Masonic U.S. one dollar bill is the symbol of the ancient Egyptian god Horus, who was associated with the Sun and war. His mother was Isis, hence ISIS, the past and present mother of war in the Middle East. The father of Horus was Osiris, whose symbol is the obelisk (stone/artificial phallus).  The “Washington Monument” (height 6660 inches) is the most famous obelisk.


Stone phalluses were found hidden inside the alters of many old churches, that
were bombed in England during WW2. Obelisks are similar in shape to many church
steeples, and churches are normally orientated east to west, following the path
of the Sun (of God).

Additionally, depictions of Mary and baby Jesus resemble ancient statues of Isis and Horus. This is all because many church leaders, and the Freemasons, secretly worship the Sun god Horus, and his parents. These gods were very popular in the Roman empire when Christianity was being formalized.

Therefore, the Masons are determined to stage massive terror attacks on their  “high holy day” of June 22, when the Sun (Horus/Lucifer) achieves its maximum elevation. They have appeared to try most years since 2012, but advance publicity seems to have thwarted their sneak attacks. These attempts included clues in preparatory “fiction”.

9/11 and 7/7 were both foretold within “fiction”, and both dates are references to key
events in the history of the Knights Templar. The Templars disguised themselves as
“Freemasons”, after being banned for blasphemy (satanic rituals) on 3/22/1312. This date
identifies the powerful “322 Skull And Bones” society as Masonic, as do the society’s
sinister rituals. The Masons have been behind most major wars, revolutions and uprisings,
in the Western world, since the “Peasants’ Revolt” of 1381. This is all discussed in my
previous article here.


9-11-foretold-in-movies-montage (1).jpg

Since writing said article, I have noticed a better Masonic explanation for the 3/11
false flag terror attacks (Madrid, Winnenden, Fukushima) – the last public leader of
the Templars was burnt at the stake on 3/11/1314. This leader, Jacques de Molay,
is regarded as a “martyred saint” by Masons to this day.

Molay 2.jpg

Operation Blackjack appeared on the London Telegraph’s website in January 2009.
The Telegraph is a known mouthpiece for MI5, and the series was immediately
identified by many as “predictive programming” for the next major terror attack –
an attempt to normalize extraordinary planned events.

Operation Blackjack = Operation Black Jacob = Operation Satan, note Trump’s double satanic salute above, with fellow Mason and friend, Jesse James. Here is an eight minute video version of  Operation Blackjack:

Blackjack is about coordinated international false flag nuclear attacks, and was found to contain hidden messages such as, “This is not simply entertainment”, and “Predictive Programming 2.0”. Specifically, the series describes nuclear attacks against London, Paris, and six North American cities on June 22, in an unidentified year (see second image from

London and Paris have already been frequent targets of false flag terrorism – more
predictive programming, preparing the public for much larger attacks against those cities, which occur in Operation Blackjack.

The Blackjack “slide-show series” has some characters and themes that are identical to the related cult TV series “Jericho” (2006-8).  Jericho contained hidden 6/22 references, as did other 2006-12 nuclear “fiction” (TV, movies, music videos, books).

Jericho TV S1.jpg

Here is the 22/6 (6/22) school bus from Jericho, which appears in the first episode, as
nuclear bombs detonate in 23 (Molay’s number) U.S. cities:

As befitting “Predictive Programming 2.0”, Operation Blackjack offers far more detail than related nuclear fiction. The domestic pasties in the series are described by the U.K. government as, “a coalition of home-grown extremists (dissidents), Islamists (MI5/MI6 agents), and Christian doomsday cultists (a 2012 clue)”.

BLACKJACK slide3_1236800i.jpg

Domestic roundups begin, and the Anglo-American establishment cabal targets Syria, Iran, and China. These foreign patsies/targets mirror Trump’s foreign enemies/targets.

operation blackjack-pt3sl8

Moving on to 2017, there are more indications than ever before that another attempt to stage 6/22 attacks is planned for this year. Similar clues (in fiction and real events) indicated attempts in several other years, since the original target date of 6/22/12.
A good place to look for clues is previous attacks suggestive of 6/22 attacks:

22-05-13 Lee Rigby fake beheading in Woolwich, London, near to Blackjack detonation.
22-03-16 “Brussels attack” – 6/22/16 planning underway?
22-06-16 Massive Jo Cox MP fake murder/anti-Brexit rally (Blackjack substitute?).
22-03-17 “Westminster, London attack”, nuked by Masons in Blackjack, near Woolwich.
22-05-17 “Manchester attack”. Manchester appears in Blackjack, Ariana Grande = Iran   the Great, a patsy and target nation in Blackjack, which Trump criticizes. 22 victims and about 60  injured, bomber’s age 22, 60 ambulances, at 22:33 p.m. (3+3=6) BST, 6 initial suspects, etc.
22-06-17 Operation Blackjack?

For months now, controlled opposition Freemason Alex Jones and associates, have been demonizing the Left and Muslims. Recently, Jones and friends have been hyping a fake/staged “evil Left-Muslim alliance”, and in the last few days Jones has been talking about “preparations for a major war” and “a civil war” – as in Operation Blackjack. His fake Left-Muslim alliance would make ideal domestic Blackjack patsies in the Trump era.

alex jones kelly.jpg

Without sunglasses, Jones looks far older than his alleged 43 years:

Perhaps because he is someone else entirely:

After 9/11, it was revealed the Twin Towers had needed astronomically expensive renovations, before their nuclear demolition on 9/11/01. In Operation Blackjack the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace are both destroyed by low yield nukes, and it has been recently revealed that those buildings also require extremely expensive repairs. Nuclear demolition would be far cheaper.

The Washington Capitol Building is also destroyed in Blackjack, and was “recently renovated” – were mini nukes planted instead?

Lack of time prevents discussion of further clues, including the significance of
Brexit, and the rise of sinister Mason U.K. P.M. “Big Sister Cruella de May”.
However, whether it’s 6/22/17, 6/22/18, or a subsequent 6/22, any major
attacks on June 22 will be the work of Masons, worshiping their god
the Sun 
(a.k.a. Horus/Lucifer) at its highest point, the summer solstice.


Addendum (6-21-17):

After years of exposure and delays, Operation Blackjack may be rescheduled for a date
other than 6/22 “Lucifer Day”. 9/11, 3/11, 3/22, and 7/7, are prime candidates because
they have special significance to Templars/Masons, as discussed above and here.

Addendum 2 (6-22-17):

7/21/2017 is another date to watch because it contains 1177, the year of the Templars’
greatest military victory, and 1717 when the first “Grand Lodge” (combined lodge) went
public in London.

7/7/2005 (7/7) was a reference to 1177 and 1717.  Also, a minor false flag also occurred on 7/21/2005. 9/11/2001 = 1119 A.D. Templars founded, plus 2 for the second millennium of Templar/Masonic power. 7/21/2017 contains 2 twos for the second “great” Templar/Masonic attack of that second millennium.

9/11 flight numbers11 175 93 77 = 1177 A.D. – greatest Templar victory over the Muslims, the Battle of Montgisard, and (1+7+5 = 13) + (9+3 = 12) = 1312 A.D. – Templars are banned and become Masons.


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