ISIS Favors 6-22-15 Nuclear 9-11


The hidden message “ISIS favors/assists the plan”, has been found in the London Telegraph Newspaper’s Operation Blackjack series (2009). The series is about false flag nuclear terror attacks in London, plus the six North American cities shown above, on June 22nd in an unspecified year.

Part of this allegedly “fictional” series has already come true – a false flag Boston bomb plot. Similarly, the Oklahoma City Bombing , 9/11 , and 7/7 , were all described beforehand within so-called “fiction”. Numerous references to the date 9/11 also appeared in fiction shown before 9/11/01. A recent find/example:


The nuclear attacks in Operation Blackjack, are blamed on “Iran, Syria, and China, plus domestic collaborators”. After the nuclear attacks, the series develops into a tale of martial law and civil war in America. Masonic symbols are emphasized throughout.

Here is the Operation Blackjack slide show, as an eight minute video:

You can download this video (flv 21mb) for smoother playback here.

When Operation Blackjack appeared in 2009, the CIA’s terror group ISIS were
unknown, but recently they have been threatening a “new 9/11 in America”. It is also alleged that ISIS have a base in Juarez, Mexico near the U.S. border, and that they are recruiting in all 50 U.S. states via the Internet.

Here is the relevant Blackjack slide featuring ISIS, note the posters:


An enlargement of the posters:


Purple denotes royalty – Isis was the queen of the Egyptian gods, and the only one associated with an artificial phallus – look at her “knee”. She attached the phallus to her dead husband Osiris , to replace the original which had been lost.

Below Isis, appears to be the Latin phrase ANNUIT CŒPTIS (annuit coeptis). Annuit Coeptis translates as “favors/assists our undertakings”. The first poster therefore means, “ISIS favors/assists Operation Blackjack.”

ISIS would probably assist Operation Blackjack by playing the “brutal America
hating” lead patsies, who are accused of bombing several cities. Al Qaeda played an equivalent role in the 9/11 attacks, and are also under CIA/Masonic control.

The second poster appears to show the outline of a state, with its initials below. This may be the intended shape of the CIA’s Islamic State (I.S.).

Annuit Coeptis also appears on the ultra Masonic dollar bill, which is derived from the 1782 U.S. Great Seal . The phrase is above the All-Seeing Eye, which symbolizes Horus/Lucifer . “Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum” means The Eye/Lucifer “favors a New Order Of The Ages”, or “New World Order” .


Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris, and the god of war and the Sun. The Eye of Horus, and obelisk/artificial phallus of his father Osiris, are key Masonic symbols which are shown repeatedly in Operation Blackjack. For example:


Apparently, elite Freemasons intend to stage a major false flag Masonic ritual during the summer solstice (Suns highest point) this June, to launch new wars.

Open air Masonic rituals also occurred on 11/22/1963  and 9/11/2001 . The dates
9/11/01 and 7/7/2005 were references to key years in Masonic history . The Masons
also staged W.W.1 , and W.W.2 via war-mongering Freemasons Hitler, Stalin,
Roosevelt, and Churchill.

The Freemasons have been staging major wars, revolutions, and uprisings, since the Peasants’ Revolt of 1386. Freemasonry was taken over by the satanic and militaristic Knights Templar earlier in the 14th century. Interestingly, the Knights Templar, the Skull And Bones society, and the Nazi SS, share a logo .

Black Jack is a synonym for Black Jacob who is Satan/Lucifer/Horus: Operation
Blackjack is thus Operation Lucifer. Leading Masons have admitted serving Lucifer ,
and here is evidence that the Masonic All-Seeing Eye symbolizes Lucifer (as well as Horus):


Returning to Operation Blackjack, 9/11/01 to 6/22/15 is 13 years, 9 months,
and 11 days. This is “ideal” occult numerology, although another “masonic date”
may be used (e.g. 7/7/15), if 6/22/15 becomes widely discussed.

ISIS/ISIL/IS were conveniently left 88lbs of unenriched uranium in Mosul last June, 8 being the Freemasons’ number. So, I suggest that the plan is to plant fairly harmless but frightening radiological “dirty bombs” in several cities.

Iranian mini nukes” may also be used to neatly destroy the Capitol Building and the British equivalent, I suspect. Mini nukes “neatly destroyed” the Twin Towers on 9/11,
and the target of delayed Flight 93 on 9/11 was probably the Capitol Building. Images from Operation Blackjack:

BLACKJACK slide10_1244634i

BLACKJACK slide23_1236822i

Selectively murdering politicians, would minimize political opposition to the rest of the plan, starting with martial law. However, Masonry is an “international club for psychopaths” capable of anything, so here is the worst case scenario from the Blackjack series:


In the TV version of Blackjack, Jericho (2006-8), nuclear bombs are quickly followed by EMP attacks , and later by a deadly virus. A virus could be targeted at resistors, via America’s secret dual water pipeline system .

Operation Blackjack facilitates war with Iran and Syria, martial law in the U.S. and U.K., plus a “Union of North America”. All of these are clear establishment objectives, which would otherwise be very hard to achieve. Blackjack might also be used to justify debt nullification with China, and another economic crisis.

FEMA camps from the series:


The Jade Helm martial law type exercise in July , and the alleged simultaneous
SOCOM training to invade the Middle East , also suggest a real world Operation

Barack Obama has made massive preparations for martial law/civil war in America ,
and he has quietly authorized the U.S. military to combat “domestic unrest” .

Like most current world leaders, Obama is a Freemason . As psychopaths, elite
Freemasons have no loyalty to tribe or country. Controlled opposition Masons,
including Alex Jones and David Icke , dominate the alternative media.

To conclude, despite the ominous signs for this summer, if the above becomes widely known, any planned false flag attacks similar to Operation Blackjack, are likely to be postponed or canceled.

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