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An economics and psychology graduate. Like countless millions, I am also recovering from vaccines - dyslexia, dysgraphia, asthma, etc:

Masons Announce 11-11-17 Nuclear Terror Attacks

Prominent numbers in the media often contain hidden messages. For example, 9/11 was shown numerous times before 9/11/2001. Car license plates are routinely used to display these numbers. The Charlottesville car license plate had a hidden message. That plate announced … Continue reading

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6-22-17 Nuclear Attacks Against America And Europe

Freemasons are determined to stage huge attacks On June 22nd Masons worship the Sun/Lucifer, and 6/22 is its Highest Point Continue reading

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Trump’s Nuclear Inauguration And Civil War Plan

As before 9/11/01, there are many indications of a major terror attack in 2017. Stage One – nuke the inauguration, and blame the establishment’s enemies. Stage two – attack those enemies – Iran, Syria, China, and U.S. patriots. This is … Continue reading

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ISIS Favors 6-22-15 Nuclear 9-11

The hidden message “ISIS favors/assists the plan”, has been found in the London Telegraph Newspaper’s Operation Blackjack series (2009). The series is about false flag nuclear terror attacks in London, plus the six North American cities shown above, on June 22nd in an … Continue reading

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The Simpsons Predicts 6-22-14 Nuclear Terror Attacks

An update on references to June 22nd terror attacks within “fiction”, plus a look at treason charges against President Obama as a $70 general solution (enter Ctrl F treason). Also discussed, are my thoughts about 6/22/12 and 6/22/13 (enter Ctrl F Before … Continue reading

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Jackie Filmed Shooting JFK From Three Angles

What follows includes photographic evidence, and background information, in support of this recent article:- Was Jackie Kennedy a CIA agent who assassinated her husband – a crime “hidden in plain sight”? Enhanced images of the JFK assassination are discussed below, along … Continue reading

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CIA Agent Jackie Killed JFK

The night before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy made her only domestic speech whilst JFK was president. During the speech she struggled to speak in Spanish to Latino voters, at the Rice Hotel in Houston:- When played … Continue reading

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